Alien-Pathogen: Designed to enter the host, airborne through the Mucus-Membrane and disrupt by
Mast-Cells by recoding them and sending falsified Chemokines to surrounding cells and the Brain
through the Interstitial-fluid by captivating and compromising or killing the Dendritic-Cells, which
in turn block the T-Cells, sending the host into auto-immune-disorder. The Alien-Pathogen
assumes the identity of its host. It is highly resistant to antibiotics of all sorts including that of
Penicillin & Amoxicillin topical, oral and injection. When antibiotics are introduced to the infected
host, the Alien-Pathogen sends them into hyper-accelerated-response causing a variety of ailments
including rapid fatality.  First symptoms are usual allergy symptoms accompanied with occasional
cough, sneezing, runny nose, and puffy eyes. These symptoms can be eradicated by simple use of
an antihistamine. Symptoms usually last about 7-14 days and then taper off. The problem lay when
antibiotics are administered to the infected host. Warning… Do not administer antibiotics.  What’s
happening inside: The Alien-Pathogen enters the body on different levels and can be extremely
intrusive at times, morphing the anatomy depending on host and their response ranging from small
globules to complete deformity. The Alien-Pathogen “scans” and recodes the DNA/RNA and
assumes the identity of the host.  I know this sound bizarre, but it is what it is, so take if for face
value… Doctors/Scientist, please do not mistake the symptoms of the Healing Lymphatic-System
with these items: Flu, Influenza, Rash, Hives, Eczema, Psoriases, Ebola, Chicken Pox, Shingles,
Measles, Allergy Deep-Tissue-life-threatening, West-Niles Virus, Black-Death,
Coronavirus, COVID-19, H1N1 and Gout. I have classified at least three stages of healing within the
Lymphatic-System which includes like symptoms aforementioned. The final stages in the
Lymphatic-System involves pin-sized bumps with radical and intense itching which usually goes
away after stimulating the surface through scratching or rubbing. You can show no signs outwardly
in about a week or two. The life-stage-expectancy of this pathogen is indefinite and non-conclusive;
and the probability of getting rid of it is small. I do expect my allergic reactions to heal in roughly 7
days, but I do not expect this Pathogen to expire anytime soon. Please consult with an
Immunologist specifically one that specialize in the Lymphatic-System. This would be the defining
line in saving someone’s life from misdiagnoses, dating back to August 19th, 2014- current. This is
my personal experience, and I am not assuming or playing the role of any professional on any level
and the words expressed in these tweets are of my own consent and expressed feelings which do
not represent any organization, group, government, agency or clan.   

Note:  I have only used triple antibiotic ointment on three occasions in my entire life; (1) several
years ago I cut my finger with a kitchen knife, administered rubbing alcohol, triple antibiotic
ointment and a band-aid. There was no noticeable swelling and my finger showed healing within a
week; at that point I removed the band aid and continue to use triple antibiotic ointment until the
wound completely healed. There was no apparent allergic reaction or inflammation.  (2) recently
during last week, of August this year, I used triple antibiotic ointment on inflamed areas of my face
skull neck and chest, and within 12 hours, inflammation increased by over 400 times in those same
areas of application.  (3) recently within 48 hours of application on pimple-sized inflamed Lymph-
Nodes, I applied triple antibiotic ointment and the same reaction took place. These reactions
included mild temperature to head, and the surface of the skin felt hot. The inflammation only
display within the Lymphatic System.  There are no other areas on my body which reflect pain or
swelling or bruising.  I have no pain sores, swelling or pain in my throat or mouth.  There is no
pain, rash or swelling in my stomach area.  My bottom torso is not affected in anyway.   I have
never had a noticeable skin reaction on this level ever in the entirety of my life, except the
chickenpox and measles as a child.   I have had food allergies (peanuts) which shortly follow
tingling of the lips and minor rash in the stomach area.  I have always been able to use Penicillin
and Amoxicillin during flu-season since birth and never had any known allergic reactions.   Right
now, I have discontinued use of all antibiotics and my skin conditions reflect less inflammation.  
Swelling surrounding areas of both eyes are decreased dramatically (note: 48 hours ago I did place
triple antibiotic ointment above both eyes).  I experienced most damage to my hands in prior days;
I also used the triple antibiotic on my hands on several occasions.  Right now, my hands are not
itching or swollen and I have discontinued use of antibiotic ointment on my hands.   I now
understand that my case is special which reflect that of allergic reaction to antibiotics on all levels.  
Keep in mind that I had swelling throughout my body prior to any use of any drug, Around August
20th, 2014.  I did show dramatic healing within 48 hours of non-use of medication.   This does not
rule out the possibility or relation to the initial Unknown-Virus which took place in my upper
respiratory area, triggering an allergic response accompanied with sneezing, puffy eyes and
coughing and sinus pressure.  Several co-workers experienced and reflected same symptoms
during this time.   I have never had skin disorders including as a child with Asthma.  It’s has been
more than 20 years  by which I show no Asthma symptoms nor have I had the need or use of any
drug related to Asthma.

Pathogen Update: Before you read and study my notes, please understand that massive allergic
reactions, accompanied with swelling and discomfort happened prior any drug use or medication,
dating back to August 20th, 2014.  Last night, I had difficulty sleeping, due to intense itching on the
top of both hands between the fingers and on the knuckle area. I also suffered minor itching in
upper lymph-node areas namely the torso right side back area and front chest area located between
the folds of my biceps and armpits. The intense itching in my hands is a result of tissue and muscle
damage, which I suffered prior to medication. My hands appear very smooth and healthy, and I
believe the itching holds two factors: Muscle/tissue repair and lymphatic-system extracting data
into the epidermis of the area.  I fully expected these types of results during normal final stages of
healing. I would like to also add that until earlier this morning, it appeared that I was also
experienced spasms of which can be compared to almost no spasms at all during the entirety of my
infection.  Up until this point all swelling and bruising are almost totally eradicated (there are
exceptions which immediately took place recently which are imperative to note by which I will shed
light on this pathogen and my body’s response to it ).
Note: The spasms occurred for three reasons, Coffee, Benadryl and oral-gel solution designed to
sponge/soak up radiation and toxins in the body.   It appears that my body has finally isolated the
pathogen, pushing the remainder to the surface of my skin namely in the form of small mosquito
sized controlled bumps.  There are some key factors here to consider in my case.  I noticed also
that the Benadryl seemed to be ineffective since yesterday around noon.  There’s no additional
swelling and it seemed the threat is in last stages.  Furthermore the reason for me itching is my
brains natural response to stimulate the host to ‘scratch’ which in turn aids in dispersing the newly
mutated pathogen through the lymphatic system which has now decoded and defanged the effects
of the pathogen and future threats of such like matter.   I was set-back and a bit confused and had
failed  to realized that the ‘sponging’ affect of the gel would delay any medications affect on the
digestive blood-absorption system; meaning that it was not until roughly 12 hours later before I
would experience the affects of the Benadryl.  Also note that extreme counter measures were taken
to stimulate a healthy digestive tract and flush the liver, spleen and kidneys.   
Warning: I do not advise anyone to do what I have done but roughly around 8:00Am; I orally
reintroduced an antibiotic (Amoxicillin 500MG) into my body.  *8:05Am; immediately I experience
mass swelling to my face and skull accompanied with half-golf ball sized swelling around the skull,
so extreme that I am taking full-threat counter measures to reduce the swelling and stop the drastic
allergic reaction to this drug. * Please note that I had never had a history or an allergic reaction to
any form of the Cillin-family including that of Penicillin and Amoxicillin.   This is an extreme case
allergic reaction, life-threatening.   Scientist/Doctors Note: I have conduced measures by which
hospitals would take when a patient comes into the ER who had ingested toxic chemicals and suffer
an extreme allergic reaction. Please (Refer to Merck’s manual & local CPCS). Right now, my
swelling has not progressed and I have stopped usage of antibiotics on all levels.  This is ground-
breaking news for me, because I now have a broader understanding of the effects of antibiotics and
of the pathogen as related to my brain and body’s response to both. The time is 1:19 Pm. And I am
stable and the swelling has gone down drastically, I have no itching and I am sleepy with redness
in my eyes, little-to-none noticeable puffiness.    

My body is in second response phase and I believe sending Monocyte to clean up the mess my
brain made when it tripped out four weeks ago.  This sounds like Anthrax to me, but who knows.
My hope is that the second defense of  my damaged cells sent out enough interferon’s as to build a
resistance again future attacks of the original pathogen.  At this point, i am extensive in liver
cleansing; something I know which is vital to helping strengthen antibodies and future plasma
proteins which in turn, are activated by antibodies.  This is what will serve as a 'lock-up' binding to
the invader. When those foreign (cells) guys enter my body,  antibodies form and bind to antigens.
My Lyse cell walls been leaking quite a bit now, causing inflammation and unfortunately, my brain
hasn't shut off this mechanism which is proven a unholy hell since get-go.   My Chemotaxis brings
about the Macrophates and Neutrophils which may eat themselves out of a bloody home (vein-
My Basophils make up roughly 1% of my white blood cells which in turn will signal and leak out
data in form of heparin (I'm free bleeding here folks) Leukotrienes and Prostaglandins and
histamine ( i can't fucking sleep!) Now my Diapedesis is inflamed and well, i have a really bruised
face and body, yeah, not going on a date for a while here.  Unfortunately due to the heparin and
histamine and possible coagulations by micro-organisms found in dust-sized bedbugs, namely
MRSA, my heart will continue to pump this crap into tight corners causing even more inflammation
and discomfort, which simply means that i am undergoing a hell of lot of systemic inflammation.
Not Good! My white blood cells are just killing everything mainly due to my Neutrophils and
Monocyte blood cells.  So this is why i need to cleans my liver and spleen, or at least keep them
healthy (overtime boys!).  Note: my lungs seem to do just fine as past exposure to deadly toxins and
adaptations to them have occurred; or my brain just simply ignore the airborne threat.  The
Eosinophils don't seem to have much say in this matter, so that is why the professionals have
prescribed me Steroids and Benadryl which has done an excellent job in keep me out of the ER due
to swelling.  I am making every effort possible to keep my Y-shaped proteins healthy which in turn
will boost/keep my immune system up through disbursement of antibodies in my blood plasma.   
There is a grey area when it comes to these antibodies, they are apparently fighting off my very
own cells.   The problem with my healing is that my lymphatic system  doesn't know how to not-
attack itself.  It's my tricked brains fault; not shutting off all those damn histamines.  My hope is
that my MHC (Major Historcompatibility Complex) bench-marks and identifier’s itself as compared
to this unknown pathogen.   Just in case all fails, i am seriously making genetic efforts to build my
B-Cells through protein absorption.  So, in turn, i need to seriously work on my bone health by
keeping them feed; this is essential to quick recovery.  If my bones are faulty along side a leaky
intestine full of radiated poison, then... Well you get the picture "Decon!" If my Thymus is blocked
then my T-Cells are not going to be effective against the pathogen.

Note: I now have a better understanding that what I suspected to be the initializer causing damage
to my blood, tissue and muscles was not that of the 'pathogen' itself, but rather my brains inability
to discern/decode the actual threat, so in turn it rapidly sent various antibodies which significantly
depleted my body’s own blood integrity, which provided a 'illusion' confusion to the brain of the
finger-print/identity of the threat. My awareness of any condition didn't take place until radical
sneezing, and nasal blockage and sinus congestion at 12:00 pm-Augusts 22nd, 2014. By this time I
use Mucinex for severe sinus.  August 26th, I take Amoxicillin, (500MG) amount per body weight
mass daily.  (August, 27th, I am breathing fine, very alert but there appears to be an extreme
allergic reaction with radical-swelling around the skull - all sides. August 28th, I have full alertness
with no sleep toss and turn due to intense swelling pressure throughout my body, particularity my
skull, face, neck and upper chest area.  The swelling is so extreme that I call off from work and stay
home. August 28th, 6 am I make a naked-eye physical assessment on both sides, rib-cage areas are
full of bruising which deforms my complete upper torso so much that my upper respiratory area is
round/balloon shaped.  From that point on, extreme golf-ball and tennis-ball sized bruises
appeared throughout my entire body. August 29th, my body is still morphing, swelling associated
with pain.   Note: I am not tired or sleepy and discontinue use of any antihistamines, (because I am
thinking that my body is having an allergic reaction to Mucinex).  I used one dose (1 pill – 25MG)
of Benadryl on August 27th-28th, totals 2 pills which seemed to be ineffective, thus I discontinued
use. August 29th, I’ve temporarily discontinued use of Amoxicillin, because it appeared I was
coming up with a fever and my conditions worsen. (I am thinking that my body is taking an allergic
reaction). September, 5th- the pathogen is deep tissue, life-threatening. At that point professionals
administer Benadryl injection and Steroids using the maximum amount per body weight.  Three
hours later, swelling is tremendously reduced and normal features are now noticeable on my face.
*There is no use of steroids until September 5th, 2014, 6:00 Am.* I am still on a reduced-capering-
off dosage of steroids and will be completely off by Monday, September 29th.  The need and use of
steroids is reduced by 90% by Sept. 20th, 2014 - 6:00Am, Benadryl use is spread-out as compared to
earlier demand which called for maximum dosage (150MG) at one time. Although this seems a bit
extreme, my body remained fully cognitive, very alert and full of energy. Under normal
circumstances a person would experience drowsiness, but in my case I remained fully alert with
almost no physical demand to rest or sleep.  Factors: brains counter-response to the (Mystery-Virus)
or Unknown-Alien-Pathogen, Benadryl and use of Steroids may be a key as to why I was not able to
feel tired or demand sleep. I am muscular build and athletic with some normal history of seasonal
allergies. None of my siblings or close relatives house any known history of allergies or blood
disorders, with exception by parents verbal acclaim that my older sibling had asthma as a child up
to ages 6. My history does include prior diagnosis of chronic asthma which may be a key factor as
to why my body reacted to this pathogen as compared to others exposed which showed less side-
effects. I don’t have any recent history of asthma out-breaks or out-of-the-ordinary allergies. My
consumption history is ruled out due to the fact that my daily diet has been consistent for many
years, meaning, I make an effort to eat the same things each day and there are no prior noticeable
allergens which have affected my body on this level.  I have been able to benchmark and document
others non-related which have experienced similar symptoms during the same locations and time-
frame of the effects of the pathogen which dates, August 19th, 2014. Several co-workers are sneezing
and feel they are coming down with the flu or seasonal-allergy symptoms.  I have documented at
least six co-workers who had experienced or were also experiencing similar symptoms.  For two
years now since my relocation to LAX area, I have documented over 30 employees who had no
prior history of allergies or joint pain with swelling until they relocated to the LAX area. During the
initial ‘attack’ I have noted

Today I feel groggy and sleepy, but my body has strength with only mild visible swelling in the
face area, namely my puffy eyes. (There’s nothing out of the ordinary of a common allergic
reaction).  My eyes are red and they no longer feel swollen with something stuck under the lid. The
reason for this is most likely due to drainage and my body’s new-found ability to resist the
pathogen. There is a noticeable difference in the swelling from now which is mild than at the point
when I first woke up this morning with intense itching in the lymph-node area located on my right
side back between the back-blades and skin area. Right now, I am experiencing no itching and
very little swelling this is due to three factors but not all… Benadryl, Steroids and my body is now
responding to the pathogen in a positive way by sending productive neurons coupled with
antibodies which will eventually block or kill off the threat.  Also factor in that my brain was the
initializer behind most of the swelling throughout    Note: lymph-node area, namely lower cheeks
ear-to-ear, cervical, mediastinal and axillary nodes display visible rash (mild-moderate) in size.
(Expected). What's going on is that the Lymphatic System has extracted the pathogen in order to
better diagnosis the alien threat.  The fact that I am sleepy is a good sign, meaning that the
Benadryl is working as a blocker of histamines. Note: There was a point that even at full dose the
Benadryl was ineffective against the interstitial fluid and histamine release of the mast cell
throughout my body due to my brains hyper-accelerated response to the threat, which in turn sent
the brain into a looping effect = automated immune disorder, making it difficult/impossible for T-
cells to properly function in unison with natural histamines.  In short: My body was rapidly killing
off all types of cells without a clear direction as to what was initializing the threat.  My conclusion
for today: My brain is no longer 'excited' and is properly adjusting to the pathogen. This makes me
feel tired as the brain is releasing less histamine into the bloodstream. Please Note: I am still on
steroids and Benadryl but I am now taking much less than two weeks ago.  My body’s natural
defense is in order and check and dealing with the pathogens in an orderly fashion....Relief!  Also
be aware that I am purposely withholding pertinent data as to exactly how I am able to substantiate
and control the pathogen. My reason is that my research is ongoing and it is my personal concern
that this pathogen is designed by some intelligent source which may display military/national
security breach.  I do deem this pathogen type military grade with intent to depopulate diverse
biological host.

Yesterday, I began to work on protein absorption in order to stimulate blood integrity and strength.
Also note this will aid in forming healthy antibodies during hostile situations.  I also used oral gel
solution to aid in absorbing toxic radiations which may be leaky through intestines and blood-flow.
My goal was to use natural (useful) data by which the brain becomes overwhelmed with this good
data  forcing my body to come out of auto-immune-disorder and stabilize.  Great news! It worked, I
now see visible redness in the Lymphatic System, namely the Lymph-Nodes upper respiratory
area.  What this means is that my brain and body are decoding the pathogen and neutralizing the
threat by sending proper diagnosis of the threat to the electrons and atoms through proteins in my
body which now 'block' aid the brain in order that it may properly send receptors/neutralizers to
the body without repercussion or breakdown of the human anatomy in order that it may fully
recover and heal the damaged cells.  

My goal was to use natural (useful) data by which the brain becomes overwhelmed with this good
data  forcing my body to come out of auto-immune-disorder and stabilize.  
Great news, it worked! I now see visible redness in the Lymphatic System, namely the Lymph-
Nodes upper repertory area.  What this means is that my brain and body are decoding the pathogen
and neutralizing the threat by sending proper diagnosis of the threat to the electrons and atoms
through proteins in my body which in turn will 'block' aid the brain in order that I may properly
recover and heal.  Almost immediately within 12 of tricking my brain, i am tired my eyes are, and i
feel dizzy.  
This is very good because it means, that my brain is no longer in 'panic' mode and is calm and
making proper analysis of the unknown threat.  There are noticeable controlled bruising which
simply means that my Lymphnodes has isolated the threat and begun process of
decoding/defanging the pathogen.
More later as i am tired as fuck yet happy, i have finally solved a great puzzle. The purpose of this
pathogen is disrupt the blood cells and send the brain into a frenzy causing self termination which
is almost impossible to trace its source. I consider strongly this pathogen a smart-bomb designed to
wreck havoc on an unsuspecting host.
Dear Leader; this pathogen is a terrorist threat to all living organisms and is extremely clever in it's
untraceable covert design, with purpose of blocking the T-Cells and sending the brain on a
terminate at all cost frenzy.  ..

The following is classified at highest: The purpose of the Secret Society is to keep a lid/control on
earth-dwellers and suppress any threat to the pyramid by which the Ebola Devil resides supreme.
The purpose of the Aluminum is to suppress/jam data from going into or entering the brain.  This
Alien-Pathogen is designed to link with blood sugars/proteins and send the brain into Auto
Immune Disorder, causing stress and confusion which often leads to termination. The purpose of
the Secret Society is to design a Pathogen which is introduced through food water and “air” and is
virtually impossible to trace. The reason it is impossible to trace is because this pathogen is
designed to mimic other diseases, including Ebola. There is a very strong link between Aluminum
toxicity and Chemtrails.  People and animals will go into rage/ Zombies across the entire grid! The
software links to lower-space satellites and utilizes cell-phone towers, and fiber optics through new
digital transmission which is designed to cloak radio frequency and literally bounce off of any
reflective material including other hand-held devices.  
Nanobots attach to the brain and spin/particularly behind the eyes in order to serve as a
monitor/vision to the machine and any person who utilizes this software.  The purpose of the
Machine is to control the brain through the fluids behind the eyes in order to monitor Outer-Source
intervention (ET’s).  The war is directed to the brain and biological host.
Question! Where is our gold? It would have been better to spray our environment with Gold instead
of Aluminum & Fluoride & Barium.  That way you could monitor all life without depopulating all
life.  Big Brother is no longer in control of anything and this has spiraled out of control and the
repercussion is irreversible; Your own children will suffer and all the heritage you so longed to keep
sacred will go untouched by all living including your underground elite.
Scientist you are on your own recognizance and the risk is extremely high in exposing this weapon
of mass destruction.  The world is unaware of this immediate threat and I too feel it is best that the
general population is left in the dark until there is no choice but to disclose certain doom.  May God
save the planet because man has failed!   Capt. Johnson, Roy E. (classified).

The secret society shall utilize various methods to depopulate all life on planet.  Aluminum
poisoning may look like: Ebola, Influenza, Meningitis, Chicken pox, Rash, Hives, Shingles, Black
Plague, Eczema, Psoriasis, and will cause similar outbreaks such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes,
Alzheimer’s, dementia,   memory loss, bipolar,  kidney failure, clotting of the thymus and PINEAL
gland, liver damage, brain damage, and may trigger various forms of cancer, etc… the list goes
on.  The objective is to create a toxin which cannot be traced back to the source.

                              NOVEL COVID-19 VIRUS (UPDATE)

      Consult with a Lymphologist or Lymphedema therapist!!

The virus is everywhere and primarily in the air especially outside in the open!

Wiping down surfaces is a minimal factor in your getting infected.

Limit your activities outdoors!

Wear a mask outdoors if possible or you can use your own shirt, or cloth to filter out the

Don't be fooled that the virus can spread from person to person so rapidly. If that's true
then the entire population would be extinct in a matter of months!

Drink plenty of filtered water!

Take deep breaths while lying down on your back (before sleep or after you wake up) Do
this for at least 5 minutes.

Sleep and rest often!

Coughing or sneezing on someone is a minor factor in the spread of this virus but you
should not sneeze or cough on anyone in close quarters of you.

Touching infected surfaces is a minor factor in the spread of this virus. If this was true
then the entire Earth population would already be extinct!

Stretch often,  drink apple cider vinegar (4 tbl spoon daily) if possible. You may dilute
with drinking water.

If you are infected and have difficulty breathing and is unable to get to the hospital you
may aid yourself in this way:

Create a make-shift sauna in your bathroom with hot steamy water while you sit down
safely with surrounding towels. Do this for up to 20 minute intervals or until you begin to
break a sweat. (Make sure you have some form of communication with someone who
can check up on you every 5 to 15 minute intervals.) Do not spend more than 45 minutes
in the sauna as you could pass-out from heat exhaustion. Hydrate with plenty of water
upon these settings and consume plenty of easily adsorbed proteins such as with jello,
puree almonds, fish (i.e. Sardines) and soft eggs ( softly scrambled or sunny side up.)
{Some people are able to mix raw eggs in smoothies}

Create a sauna in your car outdoors during the day if possible while the sun is out (well
ventilated) sit on clean towels and run the heater on hot setting and create a good sweat
(only stay in the vehicle long enough to create a good sweat (15 minutes after your first
break of sweat). Do not stay in your vehicle for more than 45 minutes per 24 hour period,
and only three times a week. {Use the inside-flow air setting only, not the outside flow air
as you could infect yourself more.} NOTE: the virus is cumulative! It is a great idea to
have new air-filters for your vehicle. Have someone contact you via cell phone every 15
minutes or so.  
Do not run your car in a garage!

Hot steamy showers are great afterwards.  Consult a Lymphatic Specialist!!

More later...
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