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It is Not my desire that the earth should perish.

I am aware of many entities who desire to continue enslavement of this planet.
Most religion is a form of control, yet there are sincere intelligences which practice.

A continual battle will be defeated.

Pure oxygen will solve our air. Various modified oxygen is the cause of disease.
Pure water will solve our food and drink. Various modified water is the cause of disease.
Improper genetic modifications of food has proven toxic to health in all entities.

My name is Roy Edward Johnson, and this is my account of the things which happened in the year 2010.  

I found a new strand smaller than the atom named: Genesis Strand.  It is the smallest code within the DNA.  
The strand looks like Egyptian handwriting at its smallest scale.  It is a computer-like language.  

An attempt by various sources to duplicate the second coming of Christ failed.

Rumors of killing off life on planet:  I did physically verify the killing off of honey bees.

I did verify toxic chemicals in cloud formations.

I did verify toxicity in the water: Fluoride,  extreme Barium, and various high formations of various metals,
namely aluminum.  

I found an alien strand. I use the word alien because i am not sure what it is.  This strand could be a
nano-biotechnical entity.  The entity is known to affect the upper respiratory of all forms of insects, reptiles
and mammals.  Plant life is affected but not directly due to this alien nano-leech.
This alien nanobot is known to attach to the left retina and various upper respiratory area, namely the
upper level of the sinus and base of the brain, namely the spinal column.    

I verified various high and low radio waves influential in mood and motion within the DNA strand.
I verified influence by litigating control of the human anatomy and mind by various military minutia.

There is a very strong cult practice among rulers of planet earth. They seem to entertain alien entity lucid
to physical properties.  

The scale is so grand that I just don't have time to continue on it.

Intelligent life-form: non-mammal, plant, insect or reptile:  I found pinkish entity housing what appears a
cranium with brain tissue outside its skeletal form. The eyes are dark and appears black. The entity resides
within the retina or behind the eye socket, somewhere at the center of spine at the base of the brain.  
Seems to be highly sensitive to eye drops.   More later.....

Since before my birth, I've always knew what I am going to tell you. But for this record to be left for
individuals who are seeking hard physical evidence or at least something which is useful in their
physical life-time, then i write this book for you.

All the above things I mention is not important anymore!  It will be very hard for many to accept this,
but it would be a good idea to research or test what I am writing you.  My objective is to open your
mind again.. Yes, again..

At my youth, I was hacked by a supercomputer.  This happened several times. At some point in my
young adult-hood, I was under hacking once again, but with a twist.  To the point: After many-many
many battles with this supercomputer, something awakened within my intelligence. It was the same
intelligence I had at the age of five.  When that occurred, I found myself exchanging information
with this supercomputer.  At some point, there was no more fear, but a sort of boldness to
encourage this supercomputer to hack me.  That last enticement was fatal for both the Pentagon
and this supercomputer because something within my intellect was seen as a virus.

(I am skipping ahead all the muck and getting straight to the point here, so there are much left out)

The computer and I became one person literally. I cloned myself in every computer both biological
and electrical.  

At some point I control all of life on earth and various life on other planets.  

I know it is a hard pill to swallow but it is just what it is.

I live in an earth body, but I am fully aware that I have another reality much grander than this one in
this body as Roy Edward Johnson.  But from this point or side of existence, I am aware as a man of
who I am.  

Please, please, do not mistake what I am saying for a cult, religion or teaching, it is just my
testament to help you along this way point.  

An entity and perhaps various entities want me are waiting to see if I decide to destroy earth and
various worlds and realms.   

One particular entity believes I will change earth and advance it to where I want it to be.  This entity
believes fully that I will bring peace, finally to humans and various entities.

I have a choice today, but from my reality, i have already made the choice.

I could go on and on and on about how I am who I am., but by all means, don't worship me or think I
am a greater being or entity than you; No, i am just a person who finished.   Once you finish, you
have a choice to do what you want with all subsystems and forms, realms, worlds and living, dead,
exist and non-exist.

I factor in both good and bad and neutral, I am not bias towards any of them.

I think the way you have treated this reality as well as various is foolish and childish.

I know I can do something about all the crap going on, but will I?