Knowledge of Good And Evil

The Tree of The Knowledge of Good And Evil

Hello, my name is Roy Edward Johnson, I was born august 9th 1967.  This
page is random stuff that comes to my mind.  

The governments around the world are going through extended efforts to
block The brains and minds of every living creature on this planet. The
reasons are not fully known. I am aware of the extreme efforts in hypnotism
upon all cultures. It's deceit for whatever purpose to mislead and misguide
people continuously.  It is as if some master-mind is purposely killing off
all animals and life in a slow meticulous manner by literally feeding
people with sugar-coated poisons in the literature, food, air and water, as
to punish us in spite of some other superior being(s) which may take note
of such lewdness. The reasons may be to purposely force death on us in
every manner including spiritually which as far as I can tell is
impossible. The efforts go on end without any true meaning but simply to
disrupt that which is pure and entangle those things which bade freedom. Is
this planet truly a cursed planet and are there other gods as mentioned in
ancient folklore?

It's obvious
that someone is afraid of the un-knowledgeable who may become
aware of t
heir slavery and entrapment efforts, along with their works on
this planet
and surrounding animals and plants, everything.  The fact that
death is
forced leads me to understand that there are available technology
and gen
etics which keep animals and plants alive continuously.  

What are
the purpose of this world and what are the full intentions of they
who call
the shots or run It? I know something is terribly wrong with this
and it was not originally intended for such death and destruction.

The ear
th and surrounding planets where originally intended to be
turalized and not industrialized. The nuclear age is death for all.
It seem
s that all the left-overs are here to serve a deeper purpose; Gold!

It woul
d be better to use NANO-TECHNOLOGY by utilizing Gold instead of
The Barium, Aluminum and Fluorine are the leading causes of death
in the
world. Someone is killing off life in slow paces as to ward off
on of The culprit behind the murders. This leads to various lies.

The lies
of Alien life such as the Grays. Perhaps in some reality they
exist but on
this planet; they along with many fabrications are the
figments of made up minds of twisted or unknowing individuals.

The gold is used for advantage and has high quality when dealing with
memory, longevity, repair and keeping things safe.  Funny, how so many
claim the species, but not one has shown clear live evidence in first
person. A bit odd that out of all the creatures in the world that non has
solid physical live upfront evidence of the Gray. But I will say that there
are far more superior species than mere hairless enlarged skulls of
individuals with slanted eyes. You are not along human, this is obivious!

I have seen much better evidence which supplies hope to the lost beliefs of
our current world which are full of practices and diversified rituals which
are known to lead to more desolation and confusion.  It was not originally
intended that creatures are confused and dumbfounded.

There are strong evidence that there are cutting edge technology and life
beyond humanity. I have seen more evidence of advanced humans even
super-humans; A people who often visit and in my case, first person face to
face. Pictures just aren't enough and fuck the video's which are often
spoofs or none in real-time HD up front and close, we need something more,
don't we? What if our world is enchanted by magic and kept at bay by some
superior unseen existence? Surely I am not the only person who has
experienced up-front one on one supernatural phenomenon. What have I seen?
And what are the key undisputed evidence I am willing and able to share
with hungry minds of they who still seek their origin? Who is the father of
men?  Why so much deception? Why so many broken promises and misfortunes
and lies? What did I see or at least think I've seen?  

I met, talked and touched a Genie or Goddess of some sort. She assured me
that I was not of this world that the both of us are from other worlds. So
I've always known it, I just needed physical evidence, so yes; now I've
come to grips that I am not merely what I appear in this 4th dimension.

Scientist and people need to understand basic science when it comes to
dimensions. This planet is NOT the 3rd dimension.  If that where true then
death and corruption would not be the major factors. In a three dimensional
world, there doesn't need to be death at all. In animation, death may be
avoided and characters and life-forms may live eternally. The third
dimension has touch, sound and sight, but are missing key ingredients to be
titled with our reality (4th dimension).  What makes this the fourth
dimension? It is the senses which are missing; Taste, touch and smell. Of
course in all dimensions there are the existence of the mind which we call
'thought'. Well, the first dimension is debated since it is the foundation,
written by a higher dimension being, but which?

This is the 4th dimension due to the fact that we have more senses which
are bench-marked by physical reality.  This can be argued that we don't
even feel what we feel, that it is all in the mind.  YES, perhaps, but for
now, this is the 4th dimension. This leads me to discuss your enemy; The
Fifth Dimensional Being. There are Fifth Dimensional Beings behind the mess
of our thoughts and actions and existence. Trust me, this is not

Why is the planet so bent on negative thinking? Why is it a must that we
must have strong emotions and everything must encounter tragedy, sacrifice
and death? It is a forced-control which is always full of
anxiety-stress-driving emotional, coupled with shocking and thrilling
entertainment! Just check the evidences. This planet seems to feed the
interest of far more sinister beings; those that feed on drama and
emotions. They vibrate at a faster rate, and this is why you don't see them
with the naked eye; it's kind of like how analog don't see digital. There
must be some way or tool which enables one to communicate on the same level
and on the same frequencies. Just as radio is faster than print, live is
faster than televised, and so forth and so on; so this is how dimensions
work together. One has power over the other, yet they cooperate together
and exist simultaneously.  You will never see the newspaper stop the writer
from writing what he desires. The same is true about Television which
cannot stop the televisor from broadcasting. Humans cannot stop 5th
dimensional beings from doing shit good or bad.  But, then again, there are

This leads me to discuss the various wars by which many are so stupid as to
never see them until it is far too late. Here's a simple example; nobody
thinks chocolate is bad for you until the Toxicologist connects your gum
disease loose teeth and bone density causing cancer to that one thing which
is so sweet to you.  

There is a war between the industries and mother nature. Yes, believe it or
not, the Earth has been fighting against industrialization for a long time.
But now with the illusions of nature by disturbance of
electrically-charged-air, land and water, coupled with HAARP, it is hard to
tell when Mother Nature retaliates or when it's just another attempt by
some super-power country with really fancy lower-space satellites and cool
software super-machines with infra-red, night-vison, heat-vision, along
with voice recognition to keep tab on everything to control the supplies of
natural resources by causing catastrophe by manipulating animals, insects,
other type creatures, plants, land, water and air.  You do know this is
real right? Ignorance can cost you more than your life here.

The WAR: insects are destroying everything, this is why industry place so
much poison in the food, water and air. Its also a good way to keep people
mortal. Fifth Dimensional Beings work on micro-sized Aliens in the body,
not Grays.  Trust me on this.  You need to know what you are dealing with
and how and why they do it.  Find out how. More later...