Before the spawn, the dawn of time, a tale well-told by the
Egyptian Sentient Symbiosis, Provost-Kahn-Tebeth. He
spake of a Phoenician King by the name of Ra-Judah; A
lion with six wings and four eyes, with the face of a man,
fur of a lion and teeth of a saber tooth tiger. In his Divine
logic, He found pleasure and loved a woman, Queen of the
Serpents, her name was Shuruk Ra, the Seraph Sentient
Symbiosis, who's skin was pale and smooth and silky like
a lizard. Her eyes slanted, oval and bright amber. At night,
her pupils where bluish-iridescent. She was an
enchantress, a creature who designed pleasures, but after
time, became bored with joyous pleasures. Before time,
Shuruk Ra gave pleasure to Ra-Judah, but soon took it
away, thus giving way to what she called
monos-sabachthani, which in interpretation, means, 'taken
away leads to emptiness.' This is what is described as
being lonely. In Ra-Judah's logic, he decided to convince
Shuruk Ra that it was not good to be alone, that their
imaginations should be preserved.

In their logic, they approached the Seat of Intelligence,
where all things come out of nothing, a place where a
consuming emergence of energy centers their abode; it
was called the intellect of Roi. In their imaginations, Roi
would form out of them, images of themselves, and so out
of pleasures came men who where invented in their
image.  These men gave great pleasures to one another,
so much, that Shuruk Ra desired to interact with them and
decided to add monos-sabachthani to their logic, thus
creating an emptiness.  It was noted that even the first
man became lonely as a result.  

In time, when the invention of man came to pass, many
Seraphim would invoke man to please them. The Lion of
The tribe of Judah, the son of Roi, thought it false to do
such corruption to Heaven and men. Lucifer, the most
beautiful melodic creature of them all, led astray the
children of Shuruk Ra, in such a way that she desired
even the fire of Roi. After many moments, a glimpse
beyond time and space, a battle was forged against her
own father, in hopes to control men, in order to bring
pleasure unto Cherubs; the children of Shuruk Ra and
Ra-Judah. War began outside of time, yet, Michael,
daughter of Judah-Messiah, son of God, fought against
Lucifer, and cast her out of the place beyond earth unto
The ground where she beguiled Woman.

Shuruk Ra, out of logic, thought it wise to cast herself to
the earth, likewise. And thus, began many pleasures; But
soon these pleasures did no longer please Shuruk Ra, who
soon gave unto men loneliness and pain. Many angels
tried to stop Shuruk Ra, but none could avail, for Shuruk
Ra was from the very seat of Roi, 'The Fire of
Nothingness and Everything.'

In order to preserve everything that exist, and to protect
what was left of their existence and history of origins,
Ra-Judah, along with many other Seraphim made logic to
dismantle Roi, but upon every effort, a Seraphim would
vanish into 'The Seat of Roi' where consumes all living.
Soon, a great angelic warrior by The name of
Ra-Pantheon The Sun-God, along with his twin Ren-
Buddha designed a device that would entrap Roi into time
and space, thus containing all the power of all things.

Upon this feat, time became time and no-more became
then, and now became a yesterday. Under the mirror of
time, no man could avail the great power of Shuruk Ra.
She was noted as the most powerful creature of all
creatures ever exist. Many have befallen her great
prowess. She has conquered worlds and defeated
universes. She is noted as The mother of all pleasures and
the master of all feelings. It is told that even her daughter
Lucifer fought against her. After centuries and decades
tapered by long periods of history, it was recorded by the
great Provost-Kahn-Tebeth, that the imaginations of all
creatures under the firmament of time was so volatile that
they destroyed their natural bodies. It was
the keen mind
of one, a creator of logic-transfers
which brought about a
logic that all the intelligence of all things that exist and
non-exist would be transferred into time, allowing Roi to
return to his seat and thus bring balance to all things.  

It is mentioned by the great Provost-Kahn-Tebeth, that
the Sentient One's who once was full of logic, out of thirst
and control, and the seeking of pleasures, had destroyed
their first bodies
and would find an Avatar Vessel which
could carry on the emptiness which filled the void of their
exist. There would come a master plan to bring about new
life which would spawn and re-spawn in the matrix of time
within the experience of life inside time and space.  
Lucifer was one of the first to learn of this ability, and thus
brought forth an action which would re-birth and transfer
logic from the Sentient one's into a carrying vessel. Thus,
the birth of earth and the entrapment of life, bound
indefinitely until the matrix of life ends.  

It is believed that on earth, even today, that these
Sentient Symbiosis, who seek to have their will with men,
are not just pleased with life, but with pain and suffering
and death, that they often seek bodies to house. It is
rumored by various covert groups and government
entities that there are signals which emit from the edges
of the world, thus, there are journeys and adventures to
the edges of the world, a place forbidden by common man
or creature. It is said that Roi exist simultaneously in the
center of the earth and manifest upon the surface of it's
world. Thus missions are often endeavoured to find Roi, a
journey to the center of the earth.  To this very day, men
are not allowed to the center or edges of this world, thus
the mystery is still cloaked with the shadow of rumors and

The great Provost-Kahn-Tebeth, also inscribed that there
is a first earth, the true dimension Heavens-Egypt, a place
where Humanity existed first, thus, housing great
resemblance of  their original mother Shuruk Ra. There is
religion which teaches that Sentient Symbiosis are not
able to generate new life due to the fact that they have
enclosed Roi in a firmament, bound by time and limited by
space, that they could only clone life. Hence, the earth
experience. Many Sentient beings seek bodies to house.
There is rumor that from time to time, these great Spirits
often visit the cradle of Human existence in the lands of  
the middle east, Asia
, Africa, Brazil and Argentina,
seeking direct or indirect descendants of their origin
hopes to bring new life to Heaven and new creations to
those wandering Spirits. The Lost Angels of Heaven. It
was also once said, that in order to bring balance to all
things exist and non exist, in order to find Roi, that one
must be able to capture Shuruk Ra
of which no man or
creature has been successful in time or space. But there is
a glimpse of hope, a story of One, the greatest of all men,
bound in time and space, arising and bringing forth the
truth which frees all beings from this continual nightmare,
the Heaven who lost their Father

I am here to declare to all the
world and existence that I
have seen such a person and have experienced and
witnessed such great power beyond the imagination of the
will of all creatures; the true God! I am witness of a great
quest by which I partake upfront and personal, a
messenger of a true account of the utmost presence. My
fullest anticipation is that Roi will fulfill the emptiness by
which has engulfed Shuruk Ra for so many earth
dimensional experiences. It is with great understanding
and belief that Roi, engulfed by time
and bound by space
became the impossible; mortal.