Asking questions stimulates interest, so keep asking questions, it's a way to  
strengthen your intelligence and memory.

Never allow your beliefs to override what is happening to you physically;
realize, that there is what you believe to happen, but then, there is what actually

It's okay to believe in things, just don't force them  upon anyone else.

Hate and love can be the same person.

Perfection includes mistakes.

Being one sided in thought allots for cult behavior in any intelligence.

Sex is truly good for you.

Don't believe the lie that what you do comes back to you.

Expect to be ripped off in your lifetime.

You are truly what you eat.

Without imagination, nothing would happen.

Having wealth could truly solve most problems.

Having the intelligence to use wealth wisely determines the result of facing

Keep in mind that Everything upon Everything is built upon deception, even
your beliefs and traditions.

Always keep an open mind, especially when it comes to your beliefs and

Realize sources of information may be dependable, but the information
gatherers may have sincerely got it wrong.

Everything is built to fail.

Death is certain, life after death is unsure.

Always ask why in any matter.

No one person controls everything.

Mind control does exist.

Paying taxes is a form of organized robbery.

Just because it is organized doesn't mean it is right.

There is a rumor and a tradition that teaches that 'the love of money is the root
of all evil', but the flip side of that coin is that the use of money roots all good.

Emotions can cloud what is actually happening.

Realize that emotions change and can easily be fooled.

Becoming emotional before learning all the facts leads to foolish behavior.

Intelligence and understanding go hand and hand.

Without understanding intelligence looks foolish.

Women are generally emotional.

Men are generally affectionate.

The strongest lungs lives the longest.

Pure water and air  solves most pollution problems.

Pure water and air solves most biological problems.

Oil is control.

Salt increases the mortality rate of all biological species.

Salt melts ice which is water, just imagine what salt does to human anatomy  
over time.

Honest people should learn to lie and liars should learn to be honest.

Expect to be cheated on.

Understanding  is vital to survival.

Understanding and knowledge go hand and hand.

Ignorance breeds fear.

Fear breeds a closed mind.

A closed mind refuses to go forward.

A closed mind bares bitterness.

Bitterness bares hate.

Hate can be acted out utilizing emotion.

Love can be acted out utilizing emotion.

Emotion can be out of control.

Understanding helps control emotion.

Knowledge helps give understanding.

Intelligence and knowledge bares understanding.

Understanding and experience go hand and hand.

Immaturity is cousin to lack of understanding.

Fantasy is better than reality.

Reality quiets all beliefs.

Imagination bares creativity.

Creativity breeds reality.

Reality bares physical action.

To overcome fear is to understand the unknown.

To understand the unknown is to go through its' physical properties.

The most intelligent is the most understanding.

Always keep in mind that there are two kinds of people, shit starters or peace
makers, which one tends you most?

Protect the innocent but protect you first.

Don't feel guilty when you say no to a street person, if you work, a portion of
your tax dollars will pay to feed the hungry and shelter the poor.

Having wealth gives you a form of arrogance, it's almost unavoidable.

Don't confuse pride with hate, its okay to be arrogant, just don't hate on the
other individual.

You are as strong as the weakest person, so how strong are you again?

Survival of the fittest  is how it is in this life.

Without hate love has no depth; without love hate has no measure.

Knowledge of only good leaves you vulnerable to evil; knowledge of only evil
leaves you vulnerable to good.

Birds of a feather are known to pluck each other to death.

Blood is thicker than water, but you can give blood to a stranger.

Religion is a way to temperament transgressors.  

Religion is for the ignorant of what is.

They who claim that their logic is the only way are ignorant of every other way

All hate is not bad and all good is not helpful.

Too much hate is not good but too much good is like hate.

Feeling good is great just as long as it doesn't cause harm.

Hanging around wealthy folk really helps you become wealthy.

Face it, some people will NEVER learn, so stop trying to change them.

Face it, some people will ALWAYS change, so stop trying to keep them the

Don't be fooled, failure plus failure never equals success.

Understand that learning from your failures can lead to not making the same
mistakes twice.

Doing it right plus doing it better can equal success.

Success is equal to much money.

Happiness is equal to much smiles.

Happy people smile all the time.

The facial expression is really gateway to ones' soul.

Name calling is a mental game, what you heard really didn't hurt you physically,
but then again, everything is absolutely physical, so be careful of what you say.

Face it, if everyone was the same race then there would still be racism.

If everyone looked the same then there would still be prejudice.

If you want something you go get it, if you take it then it is yours.

Crime doesn't always pay.

Crime is harm.

Sometimes, you don't reap what you sow.

Happiness could mean money.

Happiness could mean poverty.

Happiness can exist without money or poverty.

When it comes to actions then thinking about it is enough for those actions to

Your intentions are enough to change the Matrix of at least one of your realities.

Your reality is not necessarily a product of your efforts.  

Your efforts always manifest in some reality.