The incredible mind of Roy
At The age of five, I looked up into The sky into The deep
blue, at The white puffy clouds, and then upon The green
grass and The tree's, and I wondered, 'where did all this
stuff come from?' I then glanced upon a pomegranate
tree full of green pomegranates, I picked up The fallen
one from The ground, and then I had an unusual
familiarity, 'have I been here before?' This last question
suddenly struck me, 'was I someone else?'

I've always felt a tug In life, I have always questioned
why, how and where on every aspect of everything, even
that of The elusive case of The existence of God. I have
always been a person who sought out The physical
evidence of all reasons, but yet questioned every
imagination of what is believed to be true. I don't accept
my current reality, yet respect that The end of it is death. I
want to believe life after death, but don't care If it exist. I
am okay with knowing everything or knowing nothing,
yet I want to Know why they both are. I always seek The
truth In all matters, yet respect that what I Know just may
be a sincere wrongness.

I am no one but everyone, I am nothing yet everything.
There could be evidence that I am more than just a man, I
could be crazy for saying that I am God, but it is what it is,
I am sure that I am not alone.  Where did everything else
come from, and If it came from nothing, where did that
nothing come from? After facing The world through
everyday trials, I often times forget my questions and say
'Fuck it, it's all shit and I just don't give a damn', everyone
has a belief, but In The end, we all die. Whoever is
responsible for us, whatever is responsible for us is
nothing more or less than a sure absolute death, that
everything upon everything is built to fail; but In The
back of my mind, there is always this belief or
understanding that I have been and will always be more
than this.