My purpose here is to expose some truths by the Human experience relative to all their
surroundings including the physical earth with all it's physical matter, including materials,
objects, things, insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, and various types of
creatures on earth. These are factual face value actual physical things evident in life no matter a
person's belief or religion.           
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As much as I want to disagree with so many of the items I am going to cover in this article, I
nor any being can deny the facts of what is taking place in our current world on earth. One
thing many fail to do in life; just look and find out the physical truth or at least the face value
of what you see in plain sight which may or may not coincide the logic you are taught by text
books or word of mouth. I would like to express that I have physical evidence of the exist of
truth and I know exactly the location of this truth but before I am willing to share this valuable
intelligence, I share some truths about our world we live in upon this reality. If you can help it,
then don't fall into the mind-set of they who are ignorant of facts and who focus on gloom and
doom continually.  Why does anyone HAVE to be finding the truth, and why is it hidden? If
truth is hidden, then is true FREEDOM hidden also?  Understand that I do own correct
answers to how it all works but that will be covered in another dialogue outside of your current
observation and ability.

There are some physical consistency throughout history, time and space which remains upon
each exploration and test of its exist:

Everything upon everything fails.
No matter how anyone experience or look at life regarding physical matter, the end result is a
continual degeneration of that matter unto the point of expulsion.
People say that Christ gave us eternal life and freed us from bondage, yet upon earth, these
items are contrary and reverse in physical reality.  

The continual cover-up and hiding of all physical evidence is a form of hiding the truth. Unless
the physical evidence is absolute, then it may be concluded that a lie and deception is deliberate
or sincerely in place of what is in actuality.  No matter how anyone looks at how relics and
artifacts seem to project the truth, they ALL seem to be staged and evidence that what actually
exist is hidden. There are "said" many artifacts of dinosaurs, pyramids, and ancient history,
but in reality, all of them seemingly house the same type of patterns of lost or incomplete clear
physical evidence of their purpose or exist. It is very possible that people or someone simply
placed those writings and artifacts there in order to project or tell the story they want to
display.  With the exception of the full anatomy intact human or animal bones, how we come
up with "filling in the blanks" displays that we as a race are merely estimating what we believe
or think to be physical evidence. When one realize how fossils are comprised and how those of
find them as well as any ancient incomplete relic, then one can understand how deception is
still a major factor is history. It really is HIS story, meaning the perspective of the person
which writes whatever they want about the subject matter at hand (pun intended).

Imagination and physical reality don't match up on earth
No matter how a person comes about their reasons, there is no denying that what a person
thinks up doesn't completely match up to what actually happens to them.  Someone can think
or believe what they want, even with the strongest belief upon earth, that belief is denied by
actuality of physical evidence.  For example, In MY mind, there is no Superior Being that rules
over anything and this being doesn't need worship and neither does this entity fear anyone
from knowing exactly how it works, manifest and exist. In MY mind there are no lordship,
kingdoms or domains with rulers and nobody dies, because the earth is full of peace and all
creatures are perfect, loving and full of vibrant good energy and willingly share all actions,
thoughts and existence. In MY mind new worlds including the earth and experience exist
without dissimulation, death, suffering and pain; it is the real heaven!

Everything upon everything is built upon a lie from the moment you or any entity come into
the earth. Everything starting with a lie means that nothing can be fully true until all lies are
exposed. Everyone could be entirely wrong about everything concerning everything including
one's beliefs and religious practice.  Even the thought patterns could be a sincerely false.
Who can resist the dominant physical, mental and spiritual reality of deception on earth, by
action anywhere including our imagination? No being knows exactly how anything started
because there is no relative physical reality that displays the hard evidence and facts. This
world is full of deception in everything including religion and belief.  No matter how anyone
tries to make up excuses for God and how God created the earth and how we sinned and
messed it up; nobody can deny that deception far exceeds the truth because of the dominating
actual physical repeated evidence.  Is this planet really hell?

The deception of the eyes.
I can wave my hands in front of my eyes so fast that it appears to disappear or become
translucent. The eyes can be tricked and can trick the brain to go into "Digital Mode" fill in
the blanks causing one to see something which did not occur. Magic tricks are a good example
of this. You know the person can't make something disappear but your eyes didn't catch the
motion and then your brain immediately filled in the blanks and made you see that it
disappeared. Wait, how did you see what didn't happen? This fact is something everyone
should or will know by personal experience, so I will not need to provide any more examples,
but it is something to know that our eyes lie to us daily, but why? The brain fills in the blanks!
Oh my! Also keep in mind that digital is just an animation covering or filling in what is not

Illusions are deception
If it is animated then it is an illusion and if it is an animated picture it is most likely not clear
and anything not clear denotes deception and we know that deception is evident to project a lie
to hide the truth in order to manipulate and control the unknowing observer. Dreams are not
often clear. Going back in memory is not often clear. (wow).

The deception of the brain and memory
It is not so funny to understand that if any random person really thinks something that the
brain will eventually believe it whether or not it is accurate or true. With a few suggestions or
subliminal introductions, the brain will follow through to the commands and even fill in data
which was not completely provided. This is how induction works! YIKES!  (not covered in this
article.) There are many examples how the brain can be tricked and how memory can be
influenced even if the person never actually physically performed an action. You can get hurt
and your brain will notify your consciousness that you are injured, however if drugs such as a
pain pill or sedative are injected into the body, then the brain will forget or ignore the incident.
There are many things the brain will ignore, such as bad odor and loud sounds, which when
being exposed for long periods, the person will not smell or hear or notice the sounds. (There
are reasons for this not covered in this article).    This all simply means that there is more
physical evidence that what we think and remember is ALL based upon a lie.  I hate this one
but I have to admit this fact.

Memory is instant interactive or recall.  RAM(random access memory) is now and it interacts
in first person to things surrounding us. ROM (read only memory) is recall of past events
which we have experienced. Wait -Memory and dreams have the same atomic weight!
Unfortunately for us, this means that what we dream and what be experience can be interrupted
and offset.  The brain can be tricked to think or believe in events which only took place in our
recall of events which may or may not have actually happened to us physically. (I want to keep
your place here, because there are some scientific secrets that are hard evidence which will help
everyone understand exactly what is going on in reality, but I will not cover how dream
memory and what happens in our physical reality are the same).  Please note that REM (rapid
eye movement) and RAM are the same except REM is usually best described during lucid
dreaming. This is where your brain is so active that everything seems so real that you actually
don't know you are sleep. Often times during REM, people or even animals will move their
hands and feet and even talk out during sleep. Rapid eye movement happens when you are
physically awake an interact on a physical level with everyday living. Fascinating enough, rapid
eye movement sometimes occur when a person is sleep and this is usually defined as lucid
dreaming or REM.  AMAZING! (There is a secret here, but I will not cover the reasons in this

Hypnosis deception of the conscious and subconscious brain and body
Hypnosis is forced upon all creatures that come to earth and the brain can be PROGRAMMED
to forget or remember anything. There are various ways and methods to do this such as radio
waves, Television and teachings to name a few. Some drugs such as LSD and ACID can make a
person believe that they experience things which are unseen or never take place. The brain can
imitate anything we physically experience and it can even give us supernatural experiences that
we didn't actually do.  I had a friend who claimed that they could see everything in better
reality than what he lived and things was magically appearing such as magical mushrooms
floating, giant butterflies and a wide variety of make-believe events. (He had used ACID).
Our beliefs and thoughts are formed through a deceptive world full of dissimulations. This fact
is something that even I have to admit, that most people will believe what they want to believe
even if the physical experience denies everything they imagine.  I knew a man who believed that
God was going to send him his soul mate; of course this man was very religious and was taught
to wait upon the Lord. This man was a dedicated Christian who was still a virgin at 89 waiting
on God to send him the right woman. He had served his community and started many non
profit movements that fed the hungry and helped the homeless, including YMCA and starting
community parks and recreational centers. The local city and news cast got a hold of his story
and paid for him to have sex with a professional hooker.  He was very disappointed afterward
and stated that fried chicken was better than sex.   He eventually died a dedicated Christian
who never got what he believed to exist.  There are many examples but you already know the
truth that what we believe just don't match up to what our brains have been forced to believe; a
lie!  Yes, I know, its hard to admit that all that good stuff you learned as a kid is just another
form of deception and programming.  And like that old man, there will be many who will go to
their grave believing in things which never took place in their lifetime.  Funny, those very same
persons are often guilty of making excuses for God or some reason as to why such things never
took place, but they never really take the time to actually just LOOK at the evidence and facts
no matter how tough it may be to face reality that they as well as all could be sincerely wrong.

Deceptive Creation
Earths creation is full of deception, thus everything within that earth can't be fully right.
Truth is hidden for the purpose to control that creature by which it is hidden from.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, He divided the light from the
darkness. Wait hold on... God never tells anyone how He does any of these things, meaning
that God had something to hide which simply means that the God that started everything
according to most scriptures written is a person who started the whole world without adding  
detailed instruction to exactly HOW he did any of this, which simply means THAT entity had
something to hide.  Anyone that has anything to hide means that they have FEAR.  Wait, God
is supposed to be without fear! Dissimulation is a sign of fear with the objective to control,
enslave and infiltrate power over anything relative to this God or Being(s).  

The very thought of a being that has to be worshipped is evident of a pyramid system by which
entities including angels and humans worship another giving reverence to the power of this  
being.  Keep in mind that even in heaven, there is still lordship and ruling over us which simply
means that we are under the control of another entity. No matter how anyone looks at it,
control is always a form of enslavement which can lead to various shenanigans of bamboozle of
actions which are solely beneficial to that entity.  This behavior tends to harvest deception at
it's greatest.  Just in case you have issues with this, then go back in time and history up to now
and see the unprecedented reality and truth that everyone and everything has been lied to,
including our brains which contain our memory and imaginations.  Understand that the whole
existence of man has been and is still being influenced by control and the hiding of evidence of
the actual physical truth. I do agree that control is necessary, but control by deception is not!

One thing is true, that entities above humanity all wanted reverence and worship, and because
of this, there is dissimulation and separation of equality.
War in heaven..wait, this should never occur in the true power of any heaven.  So, heaven, was
actually another power struggle for control and even the God of that heaven has issues with
lessor beings? Something to this story here! What if it's ALL a lie?
Since everything is based upon control and deception, then it is fully understandable and
logical that even the thought or existence of God is a lie. That everyone is wrong because it is
an imperfection, looping indefinitely.
In revelation John went to his knees to bow before Christ and immediately he was told to stand
up not to worship at the feet of Christ.  This sounds very logical, so much of how Christ acted
was very close to how the true God would act.  When Jesus was on the mount of
transfiguration, They wanted to build an alter to Him, Moses and Elijah, but immediately Jesus
rebuked them for their barbaric stupidity. Out of all the things in the world the Devil(s) wanted
from Christ on the high pinnacle was to worship them. (again, control).
Anytime any entity is set up for worship and praise, you can rest assured that there is ranks
and ruler ship and power set over the dominion of those who abide under that authority. Christ
was supposed to set this imbalance straight and allow anyone to come freely and stand eye to
eye with (God).
If God was truly God then God would never an issue with any entity that wanted to be equal.
It was if this God was afraid and had something to hide.  
If you are truly all powerful then even your very essence may be approached and invoked upon
without any issues arising on the absoluteness of that exist and power.
I have issues with any entity that set themselves up for worship.  
The true God would never allow anyone to set oneself above the other
If Jesus died for our sins then why do people still practice communion?  Christ atonement and
sacrifice death burial and resurrection should have been enough and there is no need for any
creature to reflect upon an even which has already set free those who understand it's reality.
There is physical evidence by the works on earth that everything including Christ is an illusion.
There is strong physical evidence that both God and the Devil is one entity or group of entities
who continually misguide and mislead mankind on a continual loop of endless lies and

Most of these items I don't like but they are physical evidence on earth and it's universe:

Creation of earth is based upon deception
The earth is full of dissimulation and doesn't feel right
Earth is the center of the universe
Earth is really hell with death and suffering which is forced as amusement
The earth is kept in a dome or prison and is a slave planet
The earth is stationary
The earth is on a flat plain
The sun is the only true satellite which rotates around the earth
The moon is the sun they are one entity
When looking at the sun you are looking through a super condensed crystal it is refraction
The moon is the shadow of the moon
The stars are lights just like the sun which all appear to be merely large lamps displayed on a
3d type glass surface downward from the other side of the super condensed crystal
The sun and moon appears to be just lights in a sphere which rotates around a stationary earth
The sun and moon are small and not far from earth
The sun and moon are exactly the same size
The sun and moon rotates around the earth
The sun and moon are outside of the firmament or translucent dome surrounding earth reality
This universe is limited with walls or domes which keep people from leaving it
There is no actual physical real visible evidence of outer space
The stars are just lights which can be turned off or on at any given night
Death is not natural and is forced upon earth dwellers
Forgetfulness is forced
Good and evil are the same person
God and the Devil on the earth are the same entity
Evil entity controls earth (for now)
The species DEVIL is afraid of anyone who exposes how he does what he does
Satan appeared to expose the truth about God
People think that SATAN and the DEVIL are the same person
There is no real proof that any of the stories in the bible are completely true. (sigh)
If God came down and confused men in Babble, then God broke his own word because he
stated that he was not the Author of confusion
All earth dwellers are used for energy and amusement
The God of the earth is a liar
Praying is a form of control and slavery
Worship is control
Sacrifice is control
The true God is Omnipotent and All Knowing but whoever made earth is not the true God
If God or any Entity hides anything from you then that God or entity is deceptive
Any God or Entity that makes mistakes is not the true God, thus, if the scriptures are accurate,
then whoever made earth was not the true God
Animation is deception
If it is blurry animation or pictures then it is deception even if it is sincere
Almost all pictures and movies about space are blurry and deceptive
Satellites are not in earths deep space because they are destroyed by dome or shot down
Most text book science is speculative and far from accuracy
There are no raw footage or real pictures of deep space
Advanced technology is suppressed to keep humanity in control
Intelligence is suppressed on earth
Humans and animals are forced to be stupid by use of technology and poisons
Most biological food is designed to kill
Death is forced by use of  various sound waves, drugs, food, air and water sources
If all that can be done is tell you stories with animated or unclear pictures and film about
anything without the actual physical clear evidence then you should understand that it is
deception, including all scriptures even if it is a sincerity
If you are not giving the exact data to how something is done then you can understand that the
person who has this data is hiding it from you because of their FEAR or to keep you in
deception for personal gain whether is it positive or negative
Miracles don't happen on earth
Good prayers are not granted access on earth
God would never be afraid of any entity who desired to be equal to God because God
ultimately desires everyone to be equal, thus the story about Satan and God may be another
God is wrong and the Devil is also wrong
Kings and thrones on any level including the heavens of heavens is a form of hierarchy which
simply means that there are still greater and lessors which means that there's inequality
The entire idea of Kings and Thrones are wrong if everyone can't be equal
If the Sun and Moon are just lights and can be controlled then aging, time and space are lies!
The military around the world is keeping all humanity from the truth about the real world by
use of forced control and murder
The four seasons are physically forced upon earth by weather manipulation
Clouds "cloud" health and memories and are used to cloud the clear truth
It seems like all relics and architecture are staged events full of deception
Just because it is written on ancient stone or material doesn't mean that it is accurate
You can tell how corrupt the air is by it's effect on matter such as when you peel a banana it
will corrode right before your eyes
Dinosaur bones are not complete and merely fabricated by adding fake bones
The only true physical evidence we have about earth is that it is only 2015 years old and we
don't really know anything other than this as of 10/16/15
Everyone believes in some form of magic but none has obtained it on earth (maybe later)
The word earth sounds like hurt
The word Terra sounds like Terror
According to the scriptures, everything about earth matches up to what was named HELL
and they that forget God
Fear is forced on all entity's upon earth
Fear is forced by brute force and taught through various illusions
Most things are flipped around regarding the earth and how things supposed to be
All animation is deception
Time and space are illusions
Clouds are not a natural occurring event but rather man made
Clouds are designed to hide the sun and moon which depict our animated fake sky
The moon and sun appear to move in the same direction in a true north south or up downward
motion in an oval pattern from east to west.
The moon and sun appears to be two metal objects which transmit light much like a bulb or
In 1982 two other friends and myself was able to use a hand held radio and we talked to people
in Korea, China, Mexico and various parts of the world
Today, radio transmission on long levels is purposely suppressed through magnetic radio
jamming techniques by local satellite transmission
Plans disappear off radar transmission because there are no satellites hovering in space which
don't have the rang to go into deep sea or oceans which also explains why various governments
lose transmission even if the ship or vessel is equipped with gps
Clouds are forced poison to kill and hide the truth of what, where, when and how
The sun and moon and stars are illusions and seem to be an automated lamp gliding over a flat
plained reality called earth

According to this "drawn" picture, the universe/earth is inside a liquid ball. If you could see
this in three dimension then there would be a sphere or dome bound in four points or all
around the flat surface of earth which floats inside this sphere. I have some issues with this art
because the sun and moon and stars seem to be inside the firmament.  The sun would be
moving a true vertical north to south, while humanity set upon a flat horizontal plain, it would
appear that the sun is coming in from the east and exit by the west. The moon would be coming
in from the west to the east in the opposite direction. They appear to move upon the same plain
in an elliptic vertical manner. Both satellites seem to illuminate their own light and appear to
be much closer and smaller.  It is also possible that the sun and moon are continually at the
same distance, level from one point of the earth to the other, causing an optical illusion to
make the sun and moon disappear beyond the horizon.  What is hidden in plain sight is an
obvious illusion. There are no clear physical science that anyone has physically been to either
the moon the stars or the sun. Where  are the stars when utilizing clear live photos from lower
space above the earth? All of these items appear only as lights reflected through some sort of
crystal substance and these items may appear as to be turned off or not apparent on certain
days/nights. There are no clear physical evidence of stars or the moon seen from lower space.
There are  various raw high definition video from creditable sources which debate everyone
including NASA never setting foot on the moon or any planet and cannot provide any (raw
footage) live/clear video or picture of any planet including the stars. Please do not mistaken
animation from raw footage.  The absence of physical evidence is a whole other issue which
must be addressed.  

There are two videos
on this link One illustrates a flat earth and the other is live footage of
SpaceX rocket launched then crash into a dome or something. Note, you can see the emissions
of the rocket run into an invisible force, bending the rocket before it crash into pieces. There is
no explosion, just an impact and disintegration.  There are other HD live video which display
Intel on actuality of the earth and it's universe.   "Face to Face is better"

The earth is being controlled seemingly for entertainment by observers.

Once humans enter earth, they are held against their will and are forced into enslavement practice.

The earth is enclosed under a super condensed crystal which aids the illusion that there are more than one planet.

The earth is a flat existence setting on water.

The entire earth seems to be one continent namely, Egypt Africa.

The Sun is not a planet but yet seems to be a giant oscillating heat lamp which often blows air downward clearing out
chemtrails and toxins.

The moon and sun are the exact same size and exist outside of the atmosphere of the earth.

The Sun is the Moon, they are the exact same thing.

Time and space is a forced illusions by use of hypnosis, toxic food, air and water pushed by the use of rotation of the
moon and sun upon non suspecting inhabitants.

Death is forced.