Poems & Short Stories

I dare not say how I now feel, for my soul is at peace with
the truth. It is the cunning way of what is and what must be,
for I knowingly give you full support of what you think is not.
It is the fullness of my desire, and the revelation of my fear.
I have changed but am already what I have become. A
larva now blossoms my flight towards the ease of one’s
own awareness of his mortality; I am now man.

                       Note in a Bottle

Upon the sea I did cast my thoughts to work the ship of
sailors lost, a magic spell to loosen the sails forbidden path
of Narwhal Whales. The Mermaid flaps her fins of pain to
harp the sound of windmill reigns, to tread the murky
skies of storms and guide the ores to lighthouse warmth.

                        Roy Johnson