Today, I run into nothingness, taste The beginning of ending; it is a good day for death.  I
rehearse The old tale, for it is The moment In time.  This is my story, The reflections of a
woman I once loved. Yes, In This moment, I tasted her sweetness; a poison of devils
tongues, The scent of musk air, The silk of her skin, hair of pearls and eyes of diamonds,
she is beyond The aire of thrones, for she is a God.   

I have understood The number without end, of The Many who have fallen her prey. I was
not foolish to try and destroy The impossible, but to prove my existence was another plot.
If I could merely get This God to acknowledge me, then I would Know The truth of what I
am and who I am; At that time, I knew what I Know, and what I Know is enough.   

This is my pen of stone, The hinge of eternity, The mark of birth, The end where there is no
beginning. I live In time; And was it my choice oh darling, to observe that which cannot be
seen? It was I, my sweetheart, on that day, where The visible and The invisible become
one.  With my tongue oh darling, I tasted your essence, and with my teeth, I bit your
clitoris. The taste, beyond bitterness, a wetness, The tip of my tongue did sweep. I swallow
death, but reap life.   Warm is your blood, then warm is your heart; I do not believe you
came here first to destroy all men. It is my belief In you which keep life on earth continual.  

Many gods, hero's and warriors have plotted your death. They wanted to tame your spirit ,
conquer your soul and entrap your body; their imaginations ran wild with envy, but there
are non to appease; Not enough to entertain you. How could you be so unsettled with your
own invention, is not pain and death enough to fill your desire? But, In The stillness of
Divine logic, it is your taste, your thirst for more than what you are, which brought us
together.  Why me?

I have always amused you with my thoughts, but it is my smile which beguiled you The
most. Is it possible to tempt even God?  I refuse to look upon your beauty, you want me
even more. A sense of humor, something those Many brave warriors  forgat. Today, I tune
The song, twice told In a day, once In The morning and at The cradle of infants dormancy.

This night, I wear a mask, not to hide myself, but to tease your interest. This night, I wear
no clothes, not to show my nakedness, but to remind you of The pain you invoked upon so
Many; so Many fools have died by your cunning, why did you let me live?

A hero I am not, yet a champion beyond death, heeding The call of a beckoned soul, The
cry of a God.  This same loneliness, spawned by The Queen of desires, and carried by The
hearts of men, haunted by your own creation, it's not good to be alone.

I understand you my darling, for it is you who called I out of nowhere and everywhere, In
time, a moment between that which is and that which is not. My muse This night, to recall
The forbidden fruit once tasted by my mouth. I am not sure If it was guttural or orgasmic,
I'd like to think both; just to hear your voice and to see your face when I bit you there,
sends ecstasy to my bowels, I'm still smiling.

My sweat, your tears; One. This night, I fight a fight, a battle that will never take place,
because you and I both Know, that The war is ended. How long will you tempt men with
these feelings, those desires to be full, when The thirst is but an illusion? My face, The
anger you see upon it, is my disdain of your behavior, your impatience upon my return, but
think it not that it is joy, because it is; Solely think it tempting to see your reflection.

They told me that you could not be touched, yet I touch you. They told me that you was too
beautiful, yet I look not upon you. They told me you are strongest, yet I wrestle not with
you. They told me you were cunning, yet I made no quick advance. They told me that no
weapon could forge against you, yet I adorn myself with nakedness. They told me so many
things, yet I heard them not. For me, you lay down, for me, you deceive not. In your truest
form, you gave me your virginity, yet I took it not.
We spent This night together and not once did you deny me what I wanted; I want nothing,
and because of This, what is death become life, and The impossible become possible, two
became one.

I have never left you alone; We are one.  
Love, Roi
All rights reserved.