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                 What was God really afraid of By Roy Johnson

The first thing I want to say before going into this controversial story is that I exercise all
rights and copyright laws applicable to this story.  This Research and finding is based upon
my own personal experience and is not to be taken as any actual fact or fiction.  It is merely
my view from my own research and experience.  

Secondly, I would state that if you hold true to your bible or religious belief and feel offended
by anyone who would cast doubt on your belief in God, then I would strongly and highly
recommend that you do not read this material or take it personal or out of context.
Finally, the expressed words in all of it's context are taken from an argumentative view point,
with several years of research, logical and philosophical view, as well as personal experience,
and is not meant to defame or deny any ordinance or form of religion.    Even with all my
belief which goes far beyond my expressions within this text, I must still make a valid
argument which I strongly believe and know to be the truth regardless of my spiritual and
personal preference.   What follows is not for the "weak of mind or weak of heart".  I feel
strongly that I should help someone dearly who really wants their mind opened. I am just
here to deliver the facts and not to twist them for personal gain; so here it goes! I defer to
give you scripture, but I will make reference to what is available, it is up to you to find out if
it is fact or false. Good luck!

My first thought when I was going to write this is that I wanted no one to get hold of this
material, because I felt that I only had the secret rights to it. But then, I hope that I am not
alone in my thoughts; But in all my life with all my studies and beliefs in hopes of finding the
TRUTH of my religious background, I had some very tough questions regarding history of
scriptures and the interpretations of those scriptures which are as follows, in no particular

The universe is created with hidden agenda and deception, how could anyone from within
that universe be right?

If everything is built upon deception (and it is) then how can any logical creature claim to
have the FULL truth?

I have issues with the whole King and ruler thing, it sets up for failure.  We should all be one
body, one unit living in love and harmony and there should never be dissimulation no matter
how powerful one is then the other.  If I was God, I'd stop death and pain and suffering, so
it would stop the need for one creature to rule the other, even stop the angels from desiring
worship which proves to be an evil act which binds, deprives and enslaves they by which
come with sacrifices.  

I am 100% sure that I come from a intelligence far advanced than that of the world I
currently live in; meaning, that the current planet earth in the 20th - 21st century is not the
world I hold as my own, but I will not deny that I am a part of.  To me, it is all an illusion, a
falseness mixed with some facts, that there is no silver bullet to how everything came into

There is something which puzzles me beyond everything I've ever studied in my life and it is
the 1611 King James Bible along with all the teachings of various versions including the
amplified King James and various Christian scripts.  I have a big problem with interpretations
and written formats.  

Make note that I, at one point,  was a person who upheld with earnest belief, 100% of the
scriptures and the findings of what  was taught as the dead sea scrolls and scriptures,
inspired by god, written by man; but as the years got longer and the times wore on, I came
to an unearthing finding, that what I believed came questionable and what I later found,

What I once knew was only partial to what actually exist in both history and logic as well as
spirituality.  There was so many things unlearned, unturned and unanswered. Try the truth
by some defining point, test it, work it out, experience it if possible, and find the physical
evidence not only on a personal level, but with several other diversified witnesses who can
testify that you are not alone, and understand that what you have studied and learned is fact
or merely a partial of a greater truth, or is it just another false rabbit hole built on purpose or
by mistake to confuse an already oppressed mental and spiritual estate of an entity including
that of Human?

Scripture may well be given by inspiration of God Almighty, but it is your job to find out if
that scripture you hold is fully accurate or partial.  The one thing many fail to utilize is
common sense and logic as well as a keen sense of spirituality.  (1) Don't be foolish to think
that only forty people was used to interpret the scripture and were used to write scripture.
Come on! There are literally thousands responsible for the scriptures, and they come from
various backgrounds and ethnicities.  It would be more accurate to believe scripture was
written by more than 400,000 collective minds of individuals who both physically witnessed
and was told by word of mouth of all the accounts of scripture.  (2) Remember, that if
heaven was so peaceful, then why was there war there? (3)Don't just trust any one persons
witness or account and remember that the large populations can get it wrong too. (4)
Remember that everything upon everything is built or designed to fail; even if it is not done
on purpose, it is just what it is by face value. At best and for whatever the reason or cause,
everything fails and cease at a point. (5) It is possible to pass intelligence and experience
from one entity to another without actually having gone through it yourself physically or
spiritually.  You can actually have the memory of someone else pass from them to you or vise
versa. (6) If God is everything, then why would He cast anyone out of heaven even Lucifer
or Satan? (7) God has no fear and is pure love and is not afraid of anyone who is full of Him
or Her or Itself.  (8) Find out who is doing the writing and how did they interpret the story.  
A lot of history is bent upon bias interpretations based on the views of the person writing the
story(s).  (9) If God can read your mind, then why would you need to fast and pray to Him?
(10) 'Let us make man in our image in our likeness' meaning that God was not alone in the
design of human life.

Chapter 1

In the beginning, God created everything, but at some point, particularly when making Adam
and Eve, God became afraid and/or offended that Adam and Eve was told the truth about
knowing good and evil.  God was so offended that He cursed the ground and the serpent and
sent various curses that would result in a earth designed to fail. Grief, suffering and death
would be a result and from that moment in time, it has been the continual non-ending result
of earth and various forms of living creatures.  

My understanding is that it was ALL mans fault that the world is in such estate. Even if this is
true, we must considered the holistic evidence that the actual person (entity) responsible for
making those things come to pass was this same God who formed the world out of his own
imagination and with the blast of his words and nostrils and hands, thus, the continuing non-
ending cycle of the fate of life upon planet earth.

My question is, what was this God afraid of that he would be angry that men would know
good and evil, right and wrong? Why would God be offended if an ignorant man who knew
little would find out about him? Why would God later be afraid that men would reach heaven
where He abode, so much that he would come down and send confusion to them that men
would once again be confused and scattered in thought and tongue?

Wait, which God are we talking about here?  God is not the author of confusion right? So that
means that someone is.  What if someone made men but that someone had limitations and
imperfections  which reflect down or up into all things created by this being or beings.

Before I get too far into this finding I want to let you know right off, that I am from a world
where the true God is not afraid if you learn of Him and not afraid if you know good and evil.
God is not confined to a male or females body, or any physical body of flesh and blood. I am
from a world where God does not demand sacrifice or worship of Him.  I am from a world
where God does not demand men to pray or give Him glory or reverence.

I am from a world where God does not bribe men, promising them mansions in heaven and
eternal life if they accept Him or His Son.  I am from a world where God does not make
threats of a burning hell or cause one to fear Him by threatening that He could destroy both
body and soul in hell and beyond existence.  I am from a world where God is not threatened
by any entity living or dead.  I am from a world where there is no forced intelligence and
there is no fear of thrones or worthiness or any acclaim.  I am from a world that if there was
a Satan, that God would not be offended if this Satan wanted to be equal with Him.   

In my mind, it seemed that someone or entity had the ability to make and control life, and
when was threatened, would do awful things to those life-forms which where made. It seems
like this God was either very immature or just ignorant or fearful of His very existence, as if
He had something vulnerable to hide.   I am from a world where it is okay to be vulnerable
and where nothing is hidden, not even mans origins.

If you think you know your God, then you haven't been honest enough to your very own
existence. Just who is truly the God of this world anyway?  Just because someone has the
power to make or break you don’t necessarily mean that they are the final say so.  Trust me,
If I had this power to create something with just my thoughts and words that even I could
be arrogant as to do whatever I wanted to my creation, but remember, I am just a man, but
a few years from now, I might get the power to create a lesser being and world and control
that world or worlds with its life-forms, but it still doesn't make me the final say, because
there are others who are just like me and even better in mind, act or deed who could better
run not only my world, but other worlds.   

In the beginning there was great deception and more deception upon more deception and
someone with great power had so much fear of what they made that they stripped it of all
knowledge of how they did all the wonders by which they performed.

Here are some questions you should have a right to ask God, since Jesus Christ gave all
believers a right to approach God freely.

I have faith really small as a mustard seed which isn't big at all and I believe then why can't I
move mountains?
What is the reason I would  want to move mountains?
Since you don't answer my good prayers then are you really God?
What is the reason I would  want to move mountains?
If you freed men, then why are men still slaves on planet?
If you conquered death then why do everything on earth still die?
If we have eternal life then why do we need to be bribed to have mansions in heaven?
You answered men in person, why don't you do that anymore?
Why aren't there real miracles anymore?
Where is heaven located?
If you are perfect and created everything, then why are we such a failure; was this done on
purpose to control us?
Why did you blame us for your mistakes?
Why didn't you show all of us how it all was done so we can understand it all?
Why did you create the Devil?
Why is there good and evil?
If you created good and evil then aren't you the one
who is behind all actions?
So, since the world is so messed up, means that you want more evil than good?
Where are we in time and space?
Who created you?

These are just a few questions that a true God should have no fear in answering honestly,
unless he is just faking it and is not the All knowing Omnipotent Being.

Open your mind and realize the truth, that what you think is truth could be a sincerely partial
gathering of information which is not fully accurate.    This page is dedicated to the entity
who seeks the facts and not just their beliefs. This is fully integrated accurate physical and
scientific intelligence. I am here to help the very few who want out or who want the right
answers to what is...

Free your mind and body...Know Thyself.

My will is to help you know more truth that you would choose to be free in your thinking.  
Even if you are free in your thinking, there may be strong evidence that you will not be freed
within your body, but that remains to be seen.  
My physical findings are that all physical life in various worlds ends in death.  You can only
speculate what happens afterwards, let us all hope that what you believe is actual and that
there is a good life after this death.  Let us not hope that we have to come back to this prison
planet, that we have full memory of who we where before and after we die.
There is strong physical evidence that we come back to earth and that we are re-inserted to
live a biological slave life again. It is control and force of will, even if it appears that we have
our own will, that does not matter if we have little or no control of what happens to our body
(s).   May the true originator of all entities help us!

More later...


When you have fear then you feel weak and vulnerable and when that occurs, it breeds
dissimulation which causes one to hide the truth by use of various methods to gain control by
any means necessary.  

God fucked up: Admit it, God made a mistake when he made earth and animals; the hard
physical evidence is present.  What's even more fucked up is that God cast that error of
imperfection on man as if man was the master. 'You fucking sinner you fucked up and found
out my game plan, since that is true, your life is fucking fucked up you fucking sinner man, all
the days of your life will be in complete misery and death you piece of less than crap human
sinner you!' Jesus said if you didn't believe Him then believe His works. Um, the works on this
planet and the fruit thereof reflects that of  deception and death.

Earth and the inhabitants are captive and depraved: Inhabitants of earth are all under
oppression, stress, death, slavery, murder, and it never ends.  One man or creature rules the
other in uttermost non-regard of surroundings, safety, respect of life-form, saving nothing
but self gain and control by force, fear and interrogations, an annihilation and domination of
one another is their continual path of logic and action, a non-winning endless pendulum.

I can clearly understand why anyone would not believe in God, because of death, which, if
you are immature and stupid and confused to think that man is the reason that death exist,
then you are as dumb as those two who had no fucking idea that what they did was even
near wrong during the accused making of Adam and Eve. How the fuck can I be perfect and
fuck up a subject as easy as a primate? It's a laughing joke. Obviously, it is far more evident
that our origin and control has been manipulated and punished for at least two thousand
years and all we have to look forward to is a bunch of trumped up bribes for mansions both
body-wise and abode-wise (dwelling), with promise of eternal life with yet still, someone
who is still going to rule over our sorry depraved less than perfect asses once we reach

If I was Christ or the Father of Christ, I would not have people bowing down and
worshipping and giving glory because I am the best of the best, the greatest of the greatest.  
Hell and earth and all creation has seen quite enough of that shit for endless decades.  We
don't need another Lord, forcing us to do shit.  
And that whole hell fire crap.  Sounds like another fear tactic to get my way and if you don't
do what I say by my criteria, then your ass will burn burn burn, and never come back and
completely be cut off from my fellowship forever.  

If there is a God, then that entity needs to mature and grow up and stop being so fucking
selfish.  Besides, if you are everything, then be everything and stop whining about glory.  
(Now for the record, if I am God, then I suppose when I die I will realize all these things and
surely there will be change for the better and I apologize, so that is why I became a man
who could sin that I could make a clear attest and make adjustment according to personal
experience.) But until that time, fuck anyone who would allow such a fucked up situation to
remain untouched.

If I am superior to you, I don't need you to tell me that I am.  It's just common sense and I
don’t expect nor need you to tell me that I am the greatest.  I will just be greater and you
lesser.  Now I am with Christ on the notion that we all should be equal in all forms, but
anyway; it's just the way things truly are anyway.
Men are deceptive and for the most part stupid, hateful and foolish.  They kill one another,
control one another and just are plain down-right destructive.  I think it's time to put an end
to this type of behavior and species; but maybe it can be fixed.

Good news, Someone will change it all for the better and this someone is not the one who
made this earth and all creatures like they are: I found the Father of all exist!

More later....