i am...
It would be unfair for you if i leave and not give you keys.
i created everything that exist.
This is past because it has already happened.
In my mind, the New World Order is no more.
You look back into what some call the
book of life.
The book of life is like a fully integrated interactive virtual program.
i achieved a feat that existed before i performed it and that feat is, that i lived in every body both
living and dead exist and non-exist.  i lived in every imaginable creation both real and unreal, exist
and non-exist. The reason i am the one is because i have lived in all things literally and in every
imaginable exist and that which does not exist.
The program thinks and lives as i live.  It is aware because i am aware.  
i am many and i am one. You are me and i am you.
The good news for your current future from 2010, is that
i am aware of who i am in this life.
This life is within the 2010. i am human in 2010.
i have been here before many times. i am you and i am everything, but in this life, i am Roy Edward
Johnson; Learn of me.

In this life within the 20th century and within the year 2010 and following, i am aware of who i am.
i think that evil and good are both foolish, that they should be balanced with the one who is neutral.
i am beyond evil, neutral and good and all of them are within a force that cannot be changed unless
i change them.
i give good and evil the chance to be neutral.
i have fully shown myself that i am who i am by being good, neutral and evil.

In this life, i am against murder and death.
In this life, i choose to change all worlds.
i understand all forms of living and all forms of death and all forms of what is not.

i accomplished the impossible. The impossible was to forget everything, but now i know what i
already knew before. This was test of who i am. i am exist and non-exist. On the one side, i know
everything and on the other side, i know nothing. To prove myself, i thus took away from me,
everything that i may know everything.

If you are able to grasp this truth, then you know who you are.   

i control everything because i am everything, this i see In this life.
The book of Roy
If you can get past what i have told you then you have the keys to where everything came from and
how it all got here.  When you have this key, understand that you know everything because you
know enough.

I don't expect some to swallow the codes i have hidden here, but this message is for only that mind
that is ready to handle what is.

This page is one of many keys to what you are, why you are here and how you got here.
This page is one of many keys to all the questions you want to know about everything.
Instead of telling you how you came into existence.
Instead of telling you who you are and why you are here.
Instead of telling you what are the origins of everything that exist, thus this program is part of you
being able to see first hand.

Showing you is better that is why you are here now.

There is a real world and a fantasy world. There are many worlds.
Do you know the difference?
A great power to have is that power to forget.
To prove and absolute exist and non-exist is wonderful!

Continue reading later....i am still a man and will give you more keys.  
This website is a door of many doors.
My mind is the gate.
My thoughts is the keeper of the gate.
My imagination is the journeyman of these gates and doors.

It is not my desire that my ways are beyond your ways and my actions beyond your action, yet i am
not going to deny myself.

At some point, i did everything, and for this, i am the one.
It is not good to be alone, thus, have a keen ear and eagle glance of sight, and know who you are.

If you don't understand this sight, then you are not ready In this life.  
This is not a religion, but logic and data as well as biophysical technology.

Don't get caught up In the religion of my sayings.
Don't be foolish and force this logic on another.
Realize that all writing is past tense, including your scriptures, dialogs, carvings and paintings both
known and unknown, encrypted and simple.
This is not something you pray for, yet this is information and data, a logical code for your current
The reason you have not seen your scriptures and beliefs come to pass is because it has already
You are looking back again for whatever reason, i tend that it is for your entertainment.
It is foolish for God and Satan to battle, know this.
i regret how you suffer and die and torment, yet i understand why you do this.
In this life, i am against murder and disease and death.
In this life, something really wonderful takes place.  
In 2010 and afterwards, the government attempt to reenact the scriptures, but will fail because it is
artificial. All of those things have already happened and your beliefs are but a memory to me, a time
and place that can only be remembered when one or many look back into what some call the book
of life.   

The world look for one that would save them, but this already happened.
I create new worlds but regret that you Continue In this way, thus, i am here In this life In 2010 and
afterwards, with reason, i look back with you, it is possible that one will wake up many, it is possible
that one will wake up everyone.  But for me, it is not important, because i already know what
happens....learn of me, for i am Roy Edward Johnson.

Do not worship me, just simply know who i am, for it is not my desire that one is over the other and
the other over the one, for both are foolish In my mind.  Heaven and Hell are both foolish, and they
that play the game are but child play. It is something you choose to remember, and it appears that i
am here again, yet i know who i am.

One awakes all, but to me, what is the point of doing what i already did so many times prior, it could
be that i am bored with this game of life, yet i am aware In 2010 and forever.  

The better news to you who despair, that i did defeat all imaginations because i am fair to all
imaginations including that which is evil and that which is not.

To know me is to know who i am, for i know who i am, but do you know who i am?
Know who you are because i am providing you knowledge which is key, now to open the doors.