These images are only a glimpse of who I am able to describe.
If you have found this page, then it could be that it is not by mistake.
I will not bore your interest with counterfeit acclaim.  

I will describe this person the best way possible.

Advanced humanoid, not artificial, yet utilizes artificial intelligences as
a tool to communicate.

Interacts with people on occasion.

May be active in our Government.

Highly intelligent.

Has time and space manipulating technology.

Is very patient.

More later...

Missti in my room.
Missti is a very beautiful person. This is one of my favorite pics of her. I blew up the pic and noticed something in
her eyes.  If you look at her right eye, it looks like spider man, an alien or something...it's just a coincidence of
reflection. I had to photo shop her images to protect her identity.   Thanks for letting me take your picture...love
The Woman in the Mirror - Featured Story

Photo has been modified in order to
protect Missti's identity.

Missti, thanks for all your support. You
are truly, the ONE!  

Your promise has saved the world,
thanks again. Love Roy.