What started out for me just entertaining people who
were interested in my poems and short stories in
science fiction turned out to manifest in reality on
multiple levels. Although this website appears to
display innocent forms of entertainment, most of the
material herein is factual and beyond scientific
explanation; this includes my audio files which are
supernaturally altered and interacted with in real-time.

We are dealing with an advanced race that controls
the earth matrix and it all hinges on creating dynamic
emotions to generate Earth as a form of entertaining
energy. Everything in the Earth matrix is forced to
create dynamic emotions.  We are dealing with super
quantum computers that interacts and focus energy
on dynamic dramatic emotions of all species in the
Earth matrix just like in the 1995 film directed by
Brett Leonard, starring Denzel Washington and Russell

We are not alone but the universe is not exactly how
you are taught to exist. There are three primary
worlds and all of them exist inside of what I now call
the sky matrix. There's no such thing as deep space
outside of the Earth. Deep space is a creation of the
human mind through 3D technology and the
imagination of the mind.

The key to the universe has everything to do with the
thought process of your imagination. I have absolute
evidence that we are living in some sort of interactive
program that projects our combined thought process.
We are truly in a sort of matrix.