I was born in 1967; That's what they say.  By the time I was five, I realized that I was
here before.  I remember clearly understanding English very well, but not able to
speak it. When I got older, I did the math of when I remember several conversations
by my mother and father. I was between eight months to one year old. Sounds hard
to believe, but it is what it is.  My personal proof is when my mother chastised me for
taking a crap in my diaper.  She had to go out that day. I remember her words.  By
her account, It wasn't possible for me to remember this because I was only one year

My mother said I started walking at the age of eight or nine months. She claimed that
I could fry eggs and cook bacon by the time I was one year old.  Unfortunately, I
forgot a lot of things due to PCPs in the milk I was given as a child, which merely
killed me, and it caused my hair to fall out. Many babies died then, but that is another
story I refuse to get into.

Back to my point, I could remember fully understanding English but not able to speak
english. I remember clearly that I was an infant. Sounds hard to believe huh...I know,
but it is what it is.

By the age of five, I had remembered that something happened to me, that my
memory was gone. I knew I had been in time before that I was on earth before. I
looked up to the sky and asked why I came back. From that day, I remembered
coming from a world far advanced than the prehistoric world I lived in; it was in the
summer of 1972.

By the time I reached twelve, I had several accounts of very strong memories of a
past history, unknown to anyone I lived with at the time.  This story is to account of
my experiences before this life on earth...yes, I'm fucking crazy!  But it is what it is!

So, let's go back to when I was five.  There is something you should pay very close
attention to in this next sentence.  At the age of five, I looked up at the clear blue sky
not as if i came from outer space or far away, No! I looked up at the sky as if it was an
enclosure, a fucking box I was trapped in. Up until I turned eleven years old, I had
always viewed the city and earth I lived in as a box or entrapment. It was an actual
encasement or cage. The sky had a limit, a surface. That I lived outside the box at
one time, but was placed into it. Hell, I even remembered the awfulness of living
within the womb. Getting weird for you? Good!  I could fucking hear my mom and
dad before I was born. I remember the rubbing of my moms stomach to see if i
would move.  I always felt great love from my dad.  But the fucking truth is,  by the
time I reached five, I asked, "was I someone else?"  

I don't quite remember when it happened, but I wasn't past six years old when my
mother and father would call me Googie.  Until this day, I am not quite sure why they
called me that name. But I will tell you a great is my real name.  So today, I
want to tell you a little about Googie.
Oh, don't worry, that's not how you spell it in Africa, but this is how it looks and
sounds in English Goo-Gi or Googie.   

Before I wrote this note, I wasn't going to display my name because only my closes
relatives know this name, eg. first cousins and aunts, uncles and brothers, etc...

                                 THE BOOK OF GOOGIE

I am from Egypt, not earth.  I am half Egyptian and Indian.  My heritage is from that of
the lion people.  It is said that I am God in my world. I was born king of a very
powerful tribe. The only memory I can get at this point is African tribe, Egyptian.  I
am very interested in the Phoenicians.
There is a word I have and it sounds like this: Zarro-

Googie is my real name in this world.  No one worshipped me with sacrifices or
prayers.  I have the mind that all of us are one people, one mind, yet many bodies,
we are one unit.  We hardly use our vocal-cords to talk, we are telepathic, telekinetic
and extremely muscular.  I was one of the shortest among my people.  I think it had
to do with my Indian blood. But because of my Indian blood, I was the fastest out of
all my people. No one was faster then I am.  My people are very tall in stature, and
many are considered giants.  My tribe are usually very dark, but are known to be
brown skinned such as me.  But the overwhelming feature is our muscular build and
our incredible strength.

I still have a dwelling place underground in Africa. This place is interactive fully
intelligent place. Highly secure and many have died trying to go here. It is a place
where memories are made and forgotten, where worlds are formed and destroyed.  I
am sure you are still trying to find the key to getting in, even as I speak.   I am sure I
will bring those who have died to enter here back to living; it is only fair.    

In 2009, I saw one of my own. He was a soldier of my original tribe. He had a massive
head, and the face of a tiger with eyes golden, but full of knowledge. He wore a
space suit. Our air is polluted.  In my world, there are people who have the body of
men and the head of cats. They all are extremely good looking and handsome, yet
full of extraordinary strength.  It is not fully wise to worship us, but it happens from
time to time. Non of us care for worship, we love to watch you, you are entertaining

We have love and perfection. We are a people who stay to our own.   At some point. I
remember a woman who control earth and the people in it. She was in love with me I
think. at least, that's what the Pentagon would have me believe, but she was also a
slave by the Pentagon.  More on that later, because she may have been created by
virtual technology to try and take over the minds of people.  In many cases, she
enslaved many on earth.