The utmost and foremost thing that I desire of you is to not believe anything until you have
proven with absolute physical evidence of everything both on this web page in everything
within your surroundings.

The second thing is not to take the mind-set that you are better or worse than anyone in all
facets of existence, even that of what you think is God or All-Powerful.

Lastly, nothing here should be forced, coerced or ruled as absolute practice within any
organization, group or clan.

My understanding by your writings is that someone, namely God, created you out of nothing.
My other understanding is that many gods made you. My last understanding is that you are a
result of cosmic mitosis from a primordial soup, a prehistoric amoeba, an evolution of your
genetic structure, resulting in various forms of life.

By my account, neither of this are false, but neither are fully accurate. It would be advisable
that all creatures place their understandings within one gathering intelligence. To separate
and mix up your logics is plain foolishness to me.

Any entity or entities which display themselves as your ruler or God has indeed
accomplished a fear and form of control over your current reality including your flesh, mind
and life-force.

To He or they whom created this earth and the things within it and surrounding it, I find your
ways prehistoric and barbaric by forcing a forgetfulness upon such creatures.

To humans and creatures of various forms, the account of your record, that this being(s)
created you in their image but left you without knowledge of your origin.  It is foolish to be
afraid that one would partake of knowing right and wrong as well as good and evil.  It is
foolish to be afraid that their imagination would reach you. What are you afraid of human that
they would know you? What are you afraid that they do this or that against you? In my mind,
you are a child who has built a world of which you deem it good to falsify their origin.

I think it is foolish for you to kill them and re-insert them back into your world(s).
It is foolish to give them death when you and I both know that death is not so.

I have evidence that you scattered their minds. Why you do this to these creatures is an
amusement to even I, but what is your goal in doing such things when there is no need to
carry on in foolish acts of glorification.

It is foolish to bribe them with eternal life, peace, health, happiness, wealth, fame, mansions
in other worlds and even to rule kingdoms with you.  It is foolish to separate one from the
other and give them a torment of fire with forsaken estate.

This control has reached even me, one who is come to witness first hand your destruction
and chaos.  It is time to let go of your control, it is time to mature and not be afraid of this
which you have done. In my mind, all of these things are no more.   

Why would you tell them not to add to your words or take away from what you wrote, that
they would be cursed? What do you fear of men? This feat of forcing their reverence by
utilizing their fear of you is unsatisfactory in my eyes and foolish child's play.  Your fear of
them and control of them is that of infant exist, and the foolish acts of aggression to punish
anyone who denies you is a foolishness by your various deeds of punishings.   

Will you again give them death only to bring them back again? It is my desire that you grow
and learn from all your works which you have done unto this world(s).

It is foolish for both your good and evilness to battle, but both minds are childish infancy of
mortality within ailing creatures and lands.  Is it possible to dissect yourself from yourself
and remain complete? Even if you remain in a neutral state, you cannot deny your continual
battles and wars, it is a relentless looping of vague acts.

I am from a world far advanced than that of yours. I demand of your intelligence to refrain
from its infancy.  I understand their choice to be death and destruction and life once again
within your world(s), but you have displayed unkind behavior to the ignorant mind(s), the
forgetful, and they who desire death no-more within their equation of existence. In the mind
outside their world, although they make choice to reenact this former reality, you should
release them if they so desire within that equation by which they exist. It is not good to keep
them in darkness, I am once again amazed at your great fear of these creatures. Your
mockery has not gone unnoticed.

To He and They whom designed this existence, take heed to my words and conduct yourself
in like-manner.

In your world, again I return as man, namely Roy Edward Johnson.

I am from a world where each mind has reason to become and do as it pleases, without the
repercussion of debt in death or life owed to any other entity and existence.

I am from a world where their is peace and death is but a thought. It is time for you to release
these spirits and give yourself the moment of growth.

I will assure you that this is already and there is nothing to fear of this sudden change which
you have consumed.  Know Thyself!

You make yourself rulers and Gods over one another, killing and stealing and various acts of
pleasure.  It is amusement to you and torture to them.  

Why do you refuse intelligence and advancement of your world(s), especially the
imprisonment of your world earth?

To them, you are God, and by them, you set yourself as that which is to be hereafter.  It is not
the case. The evidence manifest their eyes see for it is time no longer there.

To They who have forgotten and looked back, awake out of your slumber, for it is merely a
moment ago within time.

If it doesn't promote protection of the innocent, then it is most likely not a good thing to think
about or perform on all levels of intelligence both seen and non seen.

The definition of religion: Anything routinely practiced by schedule upon a specific
circumstance or moment. Meaning that everything and everyone has a religion, except the
absolute exist of nothing.

Everything has a physical property: All energy seen and unseen including that which is
depicted as spiritual. The word spirit is often misunderstood.