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There are Fifth Dimensional Beings by which the Human race is subjected to various types of
control not excluding to be held as a pets. Since you are not normally able to see them then you need
to be aware of their works and how they operate. Please understand that not all 5th Dimension
Beings are aggressive or hostile. Just like we have people who love nature and rather eat veggies,
there are Fifth Dimension Beings who do no take upon themselves the 'normal' consumption. Yes,
they consume just like we do.  The thing they consume is energy. We are the feed and they are the
fed.  Please find out how our bodies give off electricity which can be harvested.  I don't have the
time here to explain this, but it is a very real physical science. When our emotions and body gets hot,
so does the 'spike' in our electricity emission.  Pay extreme attention during sleep patterns as some
people can actually move objects in their house or other places during sleep. Wow~  So, the
government must try and 'block' such activities, do you think? What if people found out how they
exist and where they come from and who is behind their actions and thoughts and existence.  Just
imagine what it would do to all the lies told and believed for thousand of years.  Okay, back to 5th
Dimensional Beings.

They use natural resources to manipulate flesh and blood type beings, namely, plants and animals.
They exist on an energy level which vibrates higher so they are invisible. They often appear human
but I have seen them in the form of light, usually orbs but occasionally they appear as small stars.  I
have seen one come as a tiger; however I have full reason to believe that particular Being lived in an
actual tangible flesh.  They can live or posses a human, animal, insect, plant or electronic device.
Once you get to know them they will visit you often and use various ways to communicate with you.
The government has been going through extreme efforts to keep them from humanity, by sending
electrically charged particles by way of chemtrails and radio-jamming frequency technology. The
government go through extremes to keep our bodies weak and our bones fragile in order to keep
humanity mortal.  (interesting).   

Fifth Dimension Beings literally eat energy in the form of various emotions giving off by the Host or
Subject.  They usually try to cause drama or something which spikes emotions; meaning, many Fifth
Dimension Beings are "junkies"  These are the kind that get better feed from negative emotions.  For
example:  yelling, rape, fighting, murder...etc.   If it doesn't strike an dramatic emotional response,
then there is no interest and 'starvation' occurs.  Note: They are self sustaining but just like people
who get an adrenaline rush, so do these Beings. They are addicted to War, Pain, Tragedy, hate, etc.  
The good news is that some are addicted to laughter, smiling, play and fun, etc.

Please pay very close attention to the "shock and awe syndrome"  This is a necessity by many of
these Being Types.  It must strike a shocking sensation. See it in our news, radio, everyday living
and then you will begin to see the patterns.  There must be DRAMA.

They are psychic,  telekinetic, telepathic and can make you experience dreams, even place
suggestions in your head.  Some of them however are Benevolent and just take whatever you offer.  

Humanity And things on this planet are not considered real to them.  Many of them make
observations but others are truly fucked up in their intent which is bent on one thing, destruction.

I will help you on thes beings later, but let's turn our attention to the WAR:

the war is your brain and body constantly each day.  Find out how it goes and takes place.
War against industry and various types of animals.  Mother nature literally fights against industry.
Parasites run the planet. They are mini-Aliens which house in various DNA.  I don't have time to go
into detail but they are a very present reality.  There's nothing much the medical field will do to stop
them.  They often run this planet..... More later.        
The reason salt is in a lot of things is due to the fact that the industry is aware of the battle between
these living creatures which manifest in their product, so they add salt to kill them.  Bleach to sugar,
Salt to food to preserve and various types of additives in order to carry out one purpose; Stop the
Pest or Kill the Pest!  Often Humans and various animals consume those additives which in turn,
stops and kills them.

Monsanto is one of many who fight against insects and various animals. They'd rather poison the
product with repercussion than expose the fact that they can't stop many creatures from destroying
their products... Often, the sale is better then the risk.

There is very strong evidence of Advanced Humans which are seen as God's such as in ancient
folklore, for example.  Ra the sungod, Venus, the Goddess of Love, Isis the Goddess of love, Mars,

Please follow my links to the ancient secrets revealed.  

More later...